And then what?

All right. I’m beginning to worry myself. I’m doing something I haven’t done since high school. Because, mostly, I’m a social person, in the sense that as long as I can stand someone a little, I’d rather have a conversation than sit in constant, awkward silence. But, last week some piss-me-the-fuck-off stuff happened at work that I don’t have time to get into so I didn’t speak for like half a day, and I could tell everyone noticed. Then like today I just didn’t really talk because I was SO FUCKING BUSY. Without going into extreme details, they basically gave me 7 projects to complete in 1 weekend. 7. When I usually will do 2-4. 4 would be A LOT, actually. But oh no, we got 7 in there. And like I can’t control how long they take, like each task (of which there are several hundred to do for each separate project) takes 1-2 minutes. That shit adds up into hours really fast when you have thousands of them. So like I didn’t have time to talk, nor did I really want to. Because frankly, since Christmas, about 1200 different things have been grinding my gears. I mean look at me, I’m actually writing this. Granted I took last week off but that wasn’t my fault, every day I came home from work and my husband was awake and we ended up talking for a few hours then getting dinner, so there really wasn’t a time to break off and write a 1750 wordpress. He’s usually asleep when I get home from work, that’s where that time comes from. Then of course, usually there’s Saturday morning. But oh no, I was at work for 5 and a half hours on Saturday, WORKING ON THESE FUCKING PROJECTS. But usually, I’m free that day, and my husband for certain will sleep in a long time so I have all morning to create something of actual depth.

Which I’ll have time to tonight, as well, considering I’ll be alone for quite awhile. See, what happened is, my in laws have been giving us $500 towards our $960 rent payment, which is great and awesome of them and all, not trying to demean that at all. But, because I was getting shortened paychecks due to the holidays up until two weeks ago (since they’re 2 weeks backlogged) and since I’m obviously the only one bringing in money right now, but still having to pay for everything for two people. So, we need the entire rent payment. Also, fun fact, the house we’re renting is actually in my name, and my father in law’s name. My husband wasn’t employed at the time of signing the first lease for this rental house, so my father in law had to apply. They’re still aware Andrew and I live here, but it makes it so he gets really jittery if we’re fixing to pay the rent late. Which, given how long that second check would take to transit down here, would probably happen. SO, my husband had to drive to a city famous for its stupid outlet mall (I hate stores, and collections of stores, for the most part) to meet with his parents for the second check. I shouldn’t be one to complain. I’m not complaining. But it’s just. On top of working an 11 hour day (6am-5pm, though I was late by 7 minutes this morning because I stopped for a Tim Horton’s Mocha, one of my many guilty pleasures) I’d been all sullen and depressed and quiet all day. It’s gotten to the point where my only male coworker commented to me this morning that I’d been quiet lately, and asked if I was all right. But like really what the fuck else am I going to say besides that I’m fine? I mean I’m not a dick, I do realize it was really nice of him to even give the slightest fuck enough to ask, but I mean…what do think I do in that situation? Open up? *internal laughing that becomes out loud laughing* So on top of super crap super long work day (after a more or less ruined Saturday) and honestly I should go in at 6 again because I have so much to do, so I should go to bed in like an hour tops. It’s so bad. But oh well, I need that sweet, sweet overtime right now. Want to know why? Well, some of the following has been stressing me out:
-Three of our cats need intensive (expensive) dental work PRONTO for their health
-We’re going to owe like $1000 at least in taxes because we’re stupid people who stupidly fill out the stupid W-4 wrong. My husband had like 3 shots to get it right and failed each time.
-We’re going to move in June (to a cheaper rental in a sketchier hood unfortunately) and that gets expensive. Especially since I REALLY want to hire movers, at least for the terribly heavy stuff. Like this beat up desk I love so much that my mom bought for me. And our king sized bed we bought exactly one week before we got engaged. I’ve moved SO many times in my life, I feel like I deserve it. But I know movers are also super expensive.

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