Well. So great. 

Well. All right.

So when things were going on with R and I, my husband was trying to make things happen with a girl from his college. Things were always weird with her and my husband. She got him a job once. She also got him a full time volunteering gig. Both times it meant they’d work together.

She is presently as I type in my living room, on my couch with my husband. I’m sitting nearby in the same room.

I might just be crazy but it kind of seems like she feels hostile towards me. I’m probably just being nuts, but given what happened eight days ago, I’m not like shocked that I feel this way right now. 

It’s been almost two hours since she got here. I truly wonder how long this will go on. 

I’ll be honest, I smoked a lot of weed with her. My husband has of last Friday quit to attempt to broaden his job search horizons. So it’s just been her and I. Now I’m typing this as she and my husband have a REALLY boring political conversation and I know this is how my husband felt when he and R and I spent time together. 

BUT, this is a much different situation. I wasn’t already egriously at fault when the two and I hung out. 

It’s all so weird. 

I kind of like how  weird my life is though. Like I like how messed up it is. Because it feels normal? Idk.

I’ve been cattily texting my bff from grade school (the one I always talk about, my maid of honor at my ill fated wedding) the whole time. That’s so fun for me.

GOD they’re so compliment-y towards each other. 

I hate it .

I’m also very drunk and high, obviously.

But at least this is an interesting evening.

Interesting af I guess. 

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