I have to start a second WordPress

It’s an odd (and depressing) reason why. I now have 0 ways in which I can communicate with my mother. Previously, our one link was her work email, since my dad can in no way check or monitor that (as he can with USPS, her cell phone and personal email). But something changed, maybe it was all of my swearing, but now no matter what email address I use, it’s blocked from reaching her. Her workplace recently updated their entire operation system, so it’s possible there’s a new level of security to go along with it.

And I know that what HR-IT dork hybrid is monitoring and blocking my emails to my mom is doing their job, but they don’t realize what they’re actually severing.

So now, the plan is that she will continue to email me and I will post my responses on a WordPress blog she can read from work. So as long as she has access to WordPress at work, this plan will succeed. She’s checking tomorrow and will text me. Texting is possible but not wise, because there’s always the possibility my dad will see the message first, or just go through her old messages. I asked her once if she knew how to delete old texts, she didn’t. It took years to get her to learn how to look up a contact in a cell phone. She would open it and dial, and answer it when it rang, end of list.

So, here’s hoping that that idea works. If not, I guess I’ll have to send her written letters at work. Which just sounds insane given what year it is.

It’d be nice to just get to see my mom, and to have a normal family situation.

But I am NOT, ever, wiling to deal with my dad.


more on that at a later date



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