True, drunken feelings about my best friend 

I’ve discussed her many times before. But now I’ll level with you.

Few people mean more to me. She’s on an even level with my mother and my husband. No one else living even comes close to that tier.

And as I grow older I realize that we have known each other and been friends for a very long time. We don’t have to explain the past to each other, we were there. 

And even today, just texting with her drastically improved my happiness. 

Not that many, in fact like veeeeeery few others matter as much to me. And it’s all right that we’re both busy living separate adult lives in different states, that’s how life goes. But no matter what else has happened, she always manages to make me feel like I truly matter to her. Things might be distant but we’re both always there if we  really need. 

And there will never be a better analytical take on my life.

And I’ve always been so glad she’s a part of my life. 

That’s how I really feel. Sure, I’m so easily irritated I’ll bitch about things but let’s be real that’s a human reaction to human interaction, at least when you’re me.

I don’t want my longest standing connection to be something I took for granted when I had it. 


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