All I ever wanted

Was someone to love me like I love me.

But then someone did, but by nature of “the damaged loves the damaged” law, he’s so fucked I can barely stand it because I’m so fucked I seem abusive to him too.

So goes my life. With me, ever convinced that I’m not meant to be happy. I want to be. But it just doesn’t seem likely. But you know what I can be? Successful. I’m kind of throwing my all into writing, because that’s what it takes and what else do I have?

I do worry about my alcoholism.

But what isn’t there to worry about?

I’m going to lose my goddamn shit when I lose Oscar.

With no Twitter where will my brilliant thoughts go?

Well I get I neglect you big time now, blog. There simply is no time. Book update:

Got my first round of edits back on June 30th, the editor had positive things to say, I’ll show you part of the email in a sec. I got through the edits at an astonishing pace, sent the manuscript back to the editor July 7th. And now I’m back to waiting. I should get it back August 10th. Then we keep going until we’re both happy. Then a proofreader gets it, THEN it’s ready for publishing. By that point I surely hope I have learned how to market myself. We’ll see…..